wednesday in the word

Grappling with God’s Word and applying it to our lives is one of the keys to growth, maturity and joy for a Christian. At New Salem Church we want to help you in this endeavor. 

Wednesday in the Word is a time of deep teaching and discussion of God’s Word and the Christian worldview.


  • Expositions of books of the Bible: When we study a book of the Bible we move through it chapter by chapter, verse by verse, leaving no stone unturned, mining out all the great biblical truths and studies on Biblical characters.
  • Apologetic studies: In these studies, we teach and defend the core doctrines of the

    Christian faith. We tackle hard questions such as, “If God is good why is there so much

    evil in the world?”.

  • Systematic Theology: The attributes of God, the nature of mankind, what

    happens in the end times.

  • Doctrinal Studies: What the Bible teaches about angels, the miracles of

    Jesus, the parables of Jesus.

  • Miscellaneous studies: Great Cities of the Bible and what happened there.

Wednesday in the Word is an opportunity to dive deep into the Word of God and the

Christian faith in a friendly and relaxed environment. We meet in the New Salem sanctuary at 6:30PM each Wednesday January - June and September - December.