Kingdom Kids

We have a wonderful children’s ministry at New Salem.  We also have a variety of special events throughout the year for children to participate in.  For more information, please contact us at 919-542-4832, or

Governing Values for Our Children’s Ministry

  • The Salvation and Discipling of Children through God’s Word
  • Bible Knowledge and Values
  • The Physical and Emotional Safety of Children
  • Prayer as the Foundation for all Programs
  • Children’s Involvement in the Ministry
  • Curriculum that is Supportive of Christian parenting done in the Home

Parental Assistance
Our Children’s Ministries at New Salem Church are committed to assisting parents in fulfilling the scriptural admonition to train their children in a way that honors the Lord (Ephesians 6:4; Deuteronomy 6:6-9).  We believe that parents are primarily responsible for the discipleship and discipline of their children. The church should not usurp the authority given by God to parents, nor assume the responsibilities of parents who are lax in their duties. The church should give itself to teaching biblical principles of parenthood and to holding parents accountable to carry out those biblical principles. While we have an active program for children, it should be viewed as a supplementary role for parents, and not to replace them.

Kingdom Kids Classes-NURSERY  and Children’s Church

Nursery and Children's Church

We love children here at New Salem Church.  Children’s church is available during the worship service at 10:30am. Children in grades Kindergarten through fourth grade will be dismissed during the worship service to go to Children's Church. Sixth graders and up are encouraged to listen to the worship service with their families. Children are also welcome to stay in the worship service with their parents if they wish to do so.  Nursery is available during Children's Church for ages 0-3 years. It is provided on Sunday mornings and for other major events.